Feel Comfortable with the new AMEB Series 18 Technical Work  

AMEB Technical Workbook Level 1
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You'll receive:

  • access to online training from Preliminary through to Grade 8
  • ongoing access just in case you are busy and can't watch it all at once
  • a AMEB Series 18 Technical Work - Teacher Training Workbook

What we'll cover...

  • Why the changes?
  • How to use the AMEB PIANO TECHNICAL WORK books - you may have already discovered these aren't a 'work through in page order' kind of book!
  • What is the examiner be looking for?
  • What is "Extra for experts"? What if my student isn't capable of this? Does it mean they aren't ready for the exam?
  • What to do if the fingering is difficult?
  • Exploring new scale formats... Abbreviated Grand Scale, Legato & Staccato combo, Polyrhythmic - (which is really cool.. just saying!)
  • Exploring chord playing
  • How to get great scale practice DONE at your place
  • FREE BONUS to make learning scales easy and memorable, your students will LOVE!

About your presenters...

Stuart Storer

Stuart Storer

Stuart Storer is a highly experienced teacher working with students of all ages and levels from beginner to diploma. Stuart holds a Master of Music and B.mus.Performance (hons) from Elder Conservatorium University of Adelaide, L.Mus.A, Certificate of Advanced Music, and is a Member of Institute of Music Teachers.  

He is an AMEB examiner in Piano, Piano for Leisure and Rockschool and is also a member of the AMEB Advisory Board for South Australia and the Northern Territory. You may be already enjoying Stuart's work through his assignment as syllabus repertoire consultant for Piano for Leisure Series 3 (purple) lower grades.  

Stuart loves to compose and arrange and has had works on the AMEB Manual List in both Piano and Piano for Leisure syllabuses. He has arranged many backing tracks for exam repertoire from both for his own students and others to make learning fun, create deeper understanding of the genre and develop musicianship skills.

Since 2002 Stuart and wife Irene have owned, taught and nurtured new teachers in their Forte Music Schools in Adelaide. Stuart teaches students from beginner through to Diploma both in class and private lessons and regularly plays bass or keys in a band with his now young adult children who are also exceptional musicians across both piano, violin and drums.

Gillian Erskine

Gillian Erskine

Gillian Erskine is a very experienced piano teacher. She holds an LTCL (Teaching) and AMusA in performance. Gillian has prepared students for all levels of examination as well as having students perform at international competitions. Her knowledge of piano pedagogy is extensive and she has a particular interest in writing and arranging repertoire.

Gillian along with Paul Myatt is a founding director and co-author of the Forte School of Music curriculum which spans many age groups from 6 months through to advanced levels. She has a passion for helping and supporting school owners with their business growth and in training new teachers and developing their teaching skills. 

Along with Paul, Gillian is also the co-author of the highly successful Theory Fundamentals series which was developed to make learning theory fun for today's child and are sold in music stores across Australia and the United Kingdom.

Gillian is a member of the board of the Australian Music Association and a strong advocate for the music education community.

This online training is provided by Piano Teaching Success which is powered by Blackrock Music. The training is not an official AMEB training course.

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